The Big Bubble Panto

A cast of many.

The Blizard of Noz

Join us for our Christmas Extravaganza, featuring a cast of loads in the Radio Panto to end all Radio Pantos!


Mark Arden as The Original Narrator
Steve Graham as Narrator #2

Fenella Fudge as Dorothy Gale

Shorrock as Toto
Big Biker John as The Metal Man

Rumball as Arnold
Tarrats as The Woke Lion
Matt Smith as King Geek – The Wizard of Noz
Craig Avery as The Head of The
Sarah Smith as Co-Video – An enchanted vintage computer

Jelly Jim as The King of the Drones
Paul Whatley as Whatley P
Neil Stockley as Aramis
Dan Swag as Lynx Africa

Hernandaz as Hi Karate
Justin Mitchell as Himself

Dusty as Crusty Dusty

Rob Morris as Himself

Frank and George Simms - As The America Tourists
Nick Wilty - As Himself
The Coastal Electronaughts - As Themselves
Mr. David Barrett - As Himself
Stevie Mayhew - As Himself
Rosie and Graham - As themselves

Original Music/Lyrics  by Tim Cronin, IJ Lander, Matthew Smith, David Barrett, Jelly Jim and Steve Graham.

All other parts are played by members of the cast and BBBC presenters.

A Big Bubble Broadcasting Cooperation Production for Big Bubble Radio

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