Not The Steve Graham Show - Wednesday

Wednesday @ 6pm


Yes folks its the middle of the week ...what ever that means...TUNE IN @ 6pm

17-02-2021 IT'S THE 80's

Just an hour of 80's tunes ...let's dance around the kitchen

13-01-2021 WHY NOT ?

Why not? Getting bored, restless, fed-up with days turning into long weeks?...join us at

let us help you through this strangest of times with a tune or two... even a natter on the text!

06-01-2021 WILD TMES...


30-12-2020 End of a SHITTY YEAR

Well I'll be glad when this year is over...not out of the woods yet but there is hope...

09-12-2020 Smile Day

OK let's all smile someone out...give someone a hand...let's be who we are behind the mask!

25-11-2020 Come on join the Wednesday Fun!

well what else are you bloody doing ...watching cack on the telly ?

18-11-2020 Mid Week is The New WEEKEND

Let's sit back and enjoy something old, something new & some spoken word ...all served up with a smile...

04-11-2020 Last Orders...

Ok England ...don't go mad...its last orders...only a month...GULP!

28-10-2020 Tasty tunes today

Well the Captain has some very tasty tunes for you today...

21-10-2020 A mix of tunes from The Captain...

Yes while Captain Steve swans around in the he brings you tunes from 'poolside' ...I ask you...Really

Big Grooves Tonight

Tune in to Steve tonight for a mix of funk,rock,jazz...and complete bollocks...


I'll be playing new tunes today from Rome 56 and Phillipa well as the usual mix of chat, waffle and great music...join me @ 6 pm BST

Today's show dedicated to my late brother Peter

This is a repeat of a show l did on the day my little brother died...his funeral is today. x

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