BBBC Crew - It's a been a Sh###ty Year

The finale song from the Blizard of Noz. A Big Bubble Radio promotion marking the end of 2020. And good riddance.

Featuring Big Bubble presenters and their brethren.
Lyrics by Stephen Graham from an original song by Lou Reed.
Remotely recorded and engineered by Matt Smith at Stupid Cat Studios, Whitstable.
Video by Matt Smith and IJ Lander.
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The Panto - The Blizard NO2


The Players

Mark Arden as The Original Narrator
Steve Graham as Narrator #2
Fenella Fudge as Dorothy Gale
Roget Shorrock as Toto
Big Biker John as The Metal Man
Ronnie Rumball as Arnold
Tony Tarrats as The Woke Lion
Matt Smith as King Geek - The Wizard of Noz
Craig Avery as The Head of The Munchavions
Sarah Smith as Co-Video - An enchanted vintage computer
Jelly Jim as The King of the Drones
Paul Whatley as Whatley P
Neil Stockley as Aramis
Dan Swag as Lynx Africa
Tony Hernandaz as Hi Karate
Sev Swag as Hair Commercial Narrator
Justin Mitchell as Himself
Dusty as Crusty Dusty
Rob Morris as Himself
Frank and George Simms - As The American Tourists
Nick Wilty - As Himself
The Coastal Electronaughts - As Themselves
Mr. David Barrett - As Himself
Stevie Mayhew - As Himself
Rosie and Graham - As themselves

Original Music/Lyrics  by Tim Cronin, IJ Lander, Matthew Smith, David Barrett, Jelly Jim and Steve Graham.

All other parts are played by members of the cast and BBBC presenters.

A Big Bubble Broadcasting Cooperation Production for Big Bubble Radio

Shitty Year v1